Unlimited & full package

The unlimited and complete package with a sticky material to get the best party of our videos. It consists of the Educational Kit and the videos and songs on DVD, and includes the following elements:

Videos and songs on DVD:

1 feelings theater frame to stage episodes or plays

4 puppets

2 playing card decks with emotions and feelings

50 Feelings Detective postcards to write personalized messages to children on behalf of the Feelings Detective

5 post -class posts for the classroom: the thermometers of emotions, the 18 secrets, the letters of the songs;2 Posters for children to paint;a weekly reflection

A hat with Surfeel logo, to use or to promote children to "Surfeel helpers"

a cotton bag with Surfeel logo to carry everything

And more:

  • 2 hours of practical training (30 min per week for 4 weeks);
  • 4 A2 posters for the classroom: the thermometers of emotions, the 18 secrets, and 2 posters for children to draw on;
  • a t-shirt or a hat;
  • a tote bag to transport everything.

The investment is:

Other photos with details of each of the elements:

We also include suggestions for validated questionnaires for Portuguese to monitor and evaluate the program.

The investment is:

€5,000 (no time limit)

The price is €5,000, justified as follows:

  • DVDs: €4,900, when we sell the videos on DVDs, we forego the annual subscription for 7 years, which has a value of €700 per year
  • deck: €30
  • puppets: €130 (€40 for Surfeel, €30 for each of the others)
  • puppet theatre: €70
  • postcards: €100 (€2 per postcard)

Buying the physical product has a discount of 12%, which puts the investment at €5,000 instead of €2,840.